How to sew a pom pom cushion!


 Everybody knows that you can never have too many cushions and now that we have gorgeous cushion bundles for sale, you can fill your home with many more!
You can get hold of our fabulous bundles here - it's time to get stitching!
Step 1:
Begin by cutting the fabric - cut 1x 50cmx50cm for the front piece and 2x 40cmx50cm for the back pieces.
Step 2:
First, edge finish one long side of the fabric for the back of your pillowcase with either a zigzag stitch, pinking shears or using an overlocker.
Step 3:
Next, press the finished sides 2 times by one centimeter and topstitch the pressed edge with the straight stitch on your sewing machine.
Step 4:
Now you take your front piece of fabric and pin the pom pom border starting at one corner, and going all around the edge on the right side of the fabric. The pom poms point inwards. Cut a notch into the outside of the border at each corner so that it can be easily placed in the corner. Leave a piece of braid protruding at the end, then you still have some play.
Step 5:
You stitch the pom pom braid close to the edge of the outer fabric. At the corners you leave the needle in the fabric, lift the presser foot and pivot your fabric by 90 degrees. After you have lowered the presser foot again, you can simply sew straight ahead again.
Step 6:
Now it's time to attach the back. To do this, place the pieces of fabric on top of the other, left to right so that they form a 50cmx50cm square and fit onto the front fabric of the cushion cover. The previously edge finished sides should both point into the middle and overlap so that you can easily insert your cushion filling later. There is no need to sew in a zipper or attach buttons.
Sew together on the left and right with a close-edged seam so that nothing can slip when sewing the top.
Step 7:
Pin the back side right sides together to the front cushion cover and stitch them together with a 1cm seam allowance and clip the corners at the seam allowances and neaten the edges if necessary.
Step 8:
Turn the cover to the right side out and press.
Step 9:
Finally, insert your cushion filling into the cover and you're done.
Your super cute new cushion is now ready to be shown off in your home! 

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