How to sew a pom pom scarf!


Looking for a super quick, easy and fabulous sewing project? Well there's no need to look any further, as this is the perfect project for you! And the best part? Not only is this fabulous scarf right on trend and a total joy to sew up, it will also keep you lovely and warm this winter, so get your fabric, trim and scissors at the ready... let's get sewing!

Begin by cutting your fabric into a triangle that is the width of your material and 80cm tall. The easiest way to do this neatly and evenly is to fold your fabric in half lengthways and cut from one edge to another at a diagonal angle.

It's now time to attach the pom pom trim to the left and right side edges of your fabric, leaving the top section as a raw edge. To do this, either pin your pom pom trim to the edge of your scarf leaving a small amount hanging over the end to tuck behind the reverse of the fabric (photo ref.1), or as an alternative to pins, you could use a fabric glue pen (photo ref. 2) to hold the trim in place before sewing. However you must act fast before the glue wears off. 

You may however wish to freestyle it and not use pins or a glue pen at all - if this is the case, just head straight over to the machine and start sewing!

Sew the pom pom trim in place with a small zig zag stitch, ensuring the raw edges of the trim are folded onto the reverse of the fabric. Pivot when you reach the point of the triangle. 

Once the trim is sewn into place, you could either overlock the long top edge of the scarf, hem it by turning the fabric twice over and stitching in place, or better yet, leave the edge raw as the fabric doesn’t fray.

Congrats - you have now made your first pom pom scarf!

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Happy sewing! x

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