How to sew a reversible heart tote bag!


Dreamy little heart cotton takes centre stage as it's wonderfully versatile, amazing in quality and a super cute design! Not only does it look great sewn up in clothing, but it's also fabulous sewn up in soft home furnishings such as cushions (you can buy a wonderful cushion bundle here) plus much, much more. 

It also looks amazing sewn up in bags and this adorable reversible heart bag is no exception! It's super fun to sew and looks amazing in our brand new little heart cotton, so what are you waiting for? Let's get sewing!

Step 1:
Time to cut out!
Please note the straps in this example are 10cm x 65cm, although you can make them any size you like. 

- 1 x strap in outer fabric
- 1 x strap in lining fabric
- 2 x heart shapes in outer fabric
- 2 x heart shapes in lining fabric

Step 2:

Press the straps in half lengthways with wrong sides together.















Step 3: 
Next, stitch down the long edge of the pressed straps. Ensure you stitch close to the edge with either a straight or decorative stitch.















Step 4:
For better stability, stitch the long, closed edge of the straps.















Step 5:
With right sides together, lay the sewn straps onto the heart fabric. You will need to position the straps in the top centre of the heart. Pin in place.















Step 6:
Then position one heart lining fabric right sides together with one heart outer fabric (different colours) and pin in place.














Step 7:
Now sew on the upper area of ​​the heart.

When you reach the centre of the heart, leave the needle in the fabric, pivot the foot and continue sewing.

Step 8:
Clip the curves and trim the seam allowance.

Step 9: 
Open the heart so that the right sides of the fabric are facing you.

Step 10:
Now lay both pieces right sides together and stitch around the edge, ensuring you leave a gap big enough to turn the bag right sides out once sewn.

Step 11:
Finally, turn the bag right side out and hand stitch the gap closed.

All done - you are now the proud owner of a beautiful new reversible heart shaped bag! Yay!

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