How to sew an Easter bunny decoration!

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Soon it will be Easter and who doesn’t like matching décor on the table? Especially if it doesn’t only look pretty but also is super practical, fun and very cute egg cosies in an Easter Bunny shape. This is a perfect afternoon sewing project, have fun!

Supplies for your Easter decoration:

You need:

  • The pattern which you can download here.
  • Woven fabric, cotton fabric without elastane. You can find some nice fabrics here
  • Fusible interlining for example H 630 Volume Fleece
  • Sewing machine
  • sewing thread
  • Scissors

Step 1: Printing out pattern and cutting

Print out the pattern and pay attention that the actual size of the pattern will be printed. To be sure, check the control square on the pattern - it should measure 2 x 2cm.

Now you can start cutting, however please note that there is no seam allowance on the pattern. Therefore, cut the fabric with a seam allowance of about 1cm and for the hem 2cm.

For the fusible interlining, no seam allowance is needed. For the interlining, please cut as precise as possible because later on when you will sew, you will use the interlining as a guide. The more accurate you have cut the interlining the nicer your bunny will look.

Step 2: Fixation of the interlining and securing the edges

In this step, iron the fusible interlining onto the wrong side of the fabric. Please take into account the instructions of the manufacturer.

Try to make sure that the interlining is in the correct position before you iron it.

Next, secure the edges of the hem either with an overlocker or with a simple zigzag stitch.

Step 3: Sewing front and back panel together

Place front and back panel, with right sides together and sew them together, as marked on the picture. Please do not sew the hem together!


Step 4: Turn

To ensure that the edges of the bunny will look neat and tidy after you turn it right sides out, you have to trim the edges of the seam allowance. You can either do that with zigzag scissors or you can cut triangles especially in the small corners. 

The straight edges can be secured with a zigzag stitch.

Almost there, turn around the bunny so that the right side is revealed. For the ears of the bunny, you can use a small brush handle to shape the ears.

Step 5: Ironing and hemming

Now you can iron the little bunny so that it will look neat and clean. You can fold the hem inwards.

Finally, stitch the hem and you are done! You can embellish your bunny with bows, or you can draw a face with a textile!

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