How to sew the neck cuff onto a raglan sweater


I love our raglan sweater pattern byNina - I love wearing sweatshirts, they're just the ultimate everyday wardrobe staple. Our pattern byNina is the easiest pattern to follow and I'd like to show you here an even easier way to sew on the neck cuff. This way you don't have to sew it on in a ring, you don't even need to use pins or calculate the correct length of it. So here we go!

You simply sew all 4 raglan pieces together - but leave one seam open - the one between the back and one of the arms. So, sew both sleeves onto the front part and sew one sleeve onto the back part. Look closely at the photo above and sew it together. Then you need the cuff, you just cut it into a long strip, in the desired width. I always like my neck cuffs in a width of 1.8 cm, that means I cut 1.8 cm x 2 (as you fold it over lengthwise) plus 2 x seam allowance of 0.7 cm (this is how wide my overlock sews) = 5 cm. You fold the strip lengthways as usual and iron it, so it's nice and neat.

Now you place the cuff strip on the neckline. You place the strip and the raglan sweater under the machine and sew bot together - while lightly stretching the cuff strip! Do not stretch it too much, then the neckline gets creases afterwards and but neither too loosely, then the cuff will curl.

When the cuff is sewn on, you now place the open sleeve on top of the back piece and sew it together. Just make sure that the cuff is really close together and nothing moves so that you have a clean finish. Now you just have to close both side seams, sleeves and hem cuffs and the sweater is ready! This way I get a really evenly stretched out neck cuff on the neckline. This is definitely the easiest (and laziest) option for me!


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