How to sew leggings / free adult leggings pattern download

free pattern leggings tutorials

How to sew leggings? We show you in a few simple steps in our free download pattern and tutorial!

Leggings are the perfect beginners' project - especially if you have never sewn much with stretch fabrics. You can sew them out of any stretch material, jersey, lycra or even out of french terry for colder days.

Leggings are so easy to sew and finished in no time - so there is little room for any frustration :-) You'll never buy a pair of leggings ever again. Our free pattern for the Ladies' leggings pattern comes with easy to follow instructions and many step-by-step photos! The pattern comes in sizes UK 6 - UK 20.

Download the tutorial + pattern here!
---> do make sure to not print it out scaled down or up - it needs to be printed out in ACTUAL size.

Have fun sewing - lots of love,

Photos: Katharina from Lila & Mint.

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