Sew your own beach bag! Super Easy Step by Step Instructions

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I couldn’t help myself, I just had to sew a new bag out of our new terry fabric. You can never have enough bags and a beach bag of terry fabric was still missing in my collection. The bag is super soft due to the nice terry fabric. You can even use it as a beach pillow ;) The bag is big enough to fit beach stuff of three kids as well as your own stuff. The pattern is super easy to sew and a perfect sewing project for an afternoon. Hold on tight! You can even use the bag inside out, practically you have two bags in one!!! That’s because we have two lovely terry fabrics.


I made my own pattern out of an out of a big piece of paper, it can even be a newspaper. 60cm wide and 40cm high. With 1m of each fabric you are more than covered.

You need:

  • Paper for the Pattern
  • 2m Terry fabric (each colour 1m)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • 8m webbing / strap
  • Optionally firm interlining for the bottom


If you want to have a sturdy and firm bottom, you can use a firm interlining. I wanted to have a super soft bag, therefore I didn’t use one.



You can make your own pattern very easily: Draw a simple rectangle on your paper and cut out two squares on the bottom. My squares are 10x10cm, through this the bottom of the bag will be 20cm deep (minus the seam allowance).


Now cut as follow:


  • 2 x Pattern of fabric 1
  • 2 x Pattern of fabric 2


I didn’t mind that my bag will be 1-2cm smaller, therefore I cut out the pattern without the seam allowance.



Place the two patterns of fabric 1 on top of each other right side on right side and sew the sides and the bottom of the bag as marked in red in the picture above, note you do not need a gap in the bottom of fabric 1. Do the same steps with fabric 2 only here you leave a gap in the bottom to be able to turn the bag later. Because you will slightly see the seam of the gap later on, I would choose the fabric which you will wear more likely at the inside.


Now close the two bottom edges, in order to receive the bottom of the bag. Unfold the squares of fabric 1 and place the bottom on to the sides and sew them together. Do this step with the other square as well with the squares of fabric 2.


Now put both fabric bags into each other right side facing right side, the nice side of the fabric is now hidden. Then sew both fabric bags together – almost like in a circle, like that both fabric bags are joined together.


Through the gap in one bottom turn the bags. Now you can close the little gap. I fixate the upper edge by stitching very close to the edge around the bag. Through this the inner and outer bag don’t move.



Afterwards you only have to sew the webbing to the bag, as shown on the picture above.

And ready is your perfect beach bag! Super easy to sew and looks good on the beach, at the swimming pool or as a shopping bag.

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