Fabric usage terms & conditions

Our Fabrics are meant for private use. However we do allow production and sale of up to 15 pieces per design, colour and fabric type, per annum under the condition, that in the sale process of the items, the byGraziela-fabrics name or logo is clearly listed in some way (if possible with link to shop). This also includes if the item appears outside the platform they are sold on (i.e. printmedia, onlinemedia, adverts etc.) in which case a note displaying ‘Fabric by byGraziela’ needs to be included.

Items can not be sold if they give the impression that they are made by byGraziela-fabrics and can not carry the trademarked name bygraziela-fabrics (byGraziela).

The Product number is meant as the maximum number per byGraziela-Fabric and not per product in the relevant Design/Fabric. I.E, it is not allowed to produce and sell 15 Jumpers in the apple Sweat fabric and 15 Jackets in the same fabric. But it is allowed to produce and sell 15 Jumpers in the apple fabric and 15 Jackets in the heart fabric.

It is not allowed to produce and sell products that are similar to products that bygraziela-Fabrics produces and sell or to sell on those byGraziela products.

As we are investing a lot of love, time and money into the development of our products and designs, we need to protect our brand. Thank you for understanding, we are happy to help with any questions regarding the use of our fabrics. Please contact us on hello@bygraziela-fabrics.co.uk